Save your time searching Qoutations for services your are looking for, When you can recived only one single page qoutation on your mail.

From lot of research we found that searching for best qoutations is very time consuming, lots of calls and mails irritate's you, and much more. You can get best qoutation in one place and in single mail.

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What we do?

  • When you post your requirement, all vendors share there qoutation with us and we sent it to you by adding in one single mail. This will save you by getting irritate from vendors calls and there lost of mails.
  • Best part is consumer and vendors do not need to registers here. Vendors need to visit, search and send qoutation. Very Simple!
  • We collect all qoutations for services you want from vendors and send you on mail with lowest to higest rates.
  • Customers do not need to waste time visit on website again and again and do login, etc.
  • We do not cost any amount from customers and vendors for this basic features.
  • Customers save your time and let this site do this hard job for you.
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How it helps vendors?

  • Vendor can search enquiries and send qoutation for free.
  • No limitations of enquiries. Search and send enquiries as you want.
  • Best way of new sellers to grab enquiries for there business. Especially for startups business.
  • In terms of business, subscription have more benefit for your business.
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About Us

SastaQoutation is an india startup company who help you get all qoutation for your area without any amount cost from you.

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If you want some subscription or other please do contact below details
Mobile: 9975033776

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Mobile: 9975033776